Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking Back: Riding the Balkan Express

I was going through old things that I was writing and found this account of my first train trip from Bulgaria to Turkey... Enjoy!

The Balkan Express

The Balkan Express in Edirne, Turkey.
“This is a drreeeam!” I heard a man shout while I was waiting for the train to arrive. My fellow traveler Ana and I had been joking with each other in our native tongue when the African-American Vietnam veteran from Queens ran up and hugged me. “This is a dream!” he repeated, “English! English! Get me out of this country!” Everyone on the platform was now staring at us, but the man didn’t seem to notice and continued madly talking about his desire to escape Bulgaria. Even if any of the onlookers had spoken English, they surely would still have had no idea what he was saying. He was, after all, completely incoherent, even to a native speaker of the language. His opening statement, however, proved to be prophetically accurate: we were indeed in a dream. The journey was surreal and sleepless. It exceeded my expectations of adventure. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Taksim Photos

Dönerci. Taksim, İstanbul. 

Garaj. TomTom İstanbul

Kestaneci. Taksim, İstanbul. 

Santa Bey. Taksim, İstanbul

Simitci. Taksim, İstanbul. 
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