Sunday, May 15, 2011


Jeremy and Ciguli, both looking a bit crazy...
I few nights ago I went to a Ciguli concert... Ciguli, who was visiting from Germany, is  a Bulgarian Turkish-speaking Rom accordionist\singer who made it big in Turkey in the 90's with his one-hit wonder "Binnaz." I've translated the lyrics below along with a video I took of him playing the song in the concert (he played it 2 or 3 times much to the delight of the audience). Because of his rather maniacal personality, and the comic content of his songs, a lot of Turkish people don't take him very seriously. This being said, I actually think he is a remarkably talented musician, a versatile accordionist, and actually has an impressive control over his voice. After the jump is a second video from the movie "Nerdesin Firuze" in which Ciguli covers a Turkish pop song in a Roman style... his version is better than the original.

Binnaz, tonight at least,
were you furious, crazy or surprised?
Binnaz, Binnaz...

Binnaz the musicians mate
Binnaz the worker's date
Binnaz the gambler's mate

Binnaz, Binnaz...

Binnaz, they saw you're a brave woman
They saw, they saw
Everyone loved you!

Bari Binnaz sen bu gece, 
Kurdurdun mu, delirdin mi, şaşırdın mı?
Binnaz, Binnaz...

Çalgıcı karısı Binnaz
Esnaf karısı Binnaz
Kumarcı karısı Binnaz
Binnaz, Binnaz

Binnaz seni cesur kadın,
Gördüler, gördüler...
Bütün alem cümlem seni sevdiler, sevdiler

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