Friday, July 22, 2011

Karadeniz | Black Sea Region

Trying the Tulum, a Turkish bagpipe
Around two weeks ago I went on a small trip to Turkey's Eastern Black Sea Region with my friend Sebastien to visit our mutual friend Sema and her family outside the village of Hemşin.
 As someone interested in carpentry, I was very impressed by the workmanship of the wooden architecture in the region, which I was told is made over the winter and then assembled in just a week on the property... a very impressive Turkish answer to prefab housing or Amish barn raising.
View from the house
 The region is lush and very hilly, and the landscape is full of homemade cable-cars that resemble rowboats that traverse the many valleys and deliver people or supplies to hilltop homes.
Sebastien and Sema's Mom
An abandoned house in the mountains above Hemşin
A wooden stilt-house

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