Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perast: Montenegro

Nationalist quote of the day: "Speak Serbian so the world can understand you."

On the plane to Austria (for my connection) I happened to be sitting next to three Albanian Kosovars. I got friendly with one of them and he told me all about how America is the greatest country in the world and how if there's ever a problem it's ok because he owns an AK47 and ammo for it too. . . .

Greetings from Crna Gora! It's been a really busy few days and I didn't have internet access in Perast: the small town on Boka Kotorska where I was (near the Adriatic). We had the class orientation where we discussed the next 6 weeks. It looks like things will be really serious and incredibly busy, but I will come out of it having a truly full understanding of the most recent Balkan wars and the Roma rights situation. We watched all six episodes of the "Death of Yugoslavia" documentary which I recomend as a great introduction to everything. The craziest quote from it was Milosevic's reaction to Slovenia's secession from Yugoslavia during a heated meeting. He said "Those stingy Slovenians: they just left to check out of their hotel early and save a night's pay"

In Perast our classes were in the most amazing place: we did everything on a patio under a canopy of grapes with a view of the bay. The town smells amazing: obviously a bit like the sea but also kind of spicy. Our acedemic director, who is essentially the main professor, is incredibly knowlegable and I really respect here abilty to be serious in class but then at night hang out with us as a friend.

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