Thursday, June 11, 2009

Podgorica House Rules

These rules were posted in my room here in the thriving(?) and certainly sweltering Montenegran capital of Podgorica. The hotel is pretty nice and comes complete with a kitten not bigger than a foot long.

Appreciative guests have to behave according to house rules that are administered:

The guest gets the room according to the prominent hotel -tariff with the obligation of denouncment in the books with valid documents. The eventual deficiencies or damages in the room, as well as more valuable personal stuffs or higher amount of money the guest has to denounce or leave it on the reception desk. Suspicious guests and guests inclined to different kinds of excesses are not welcome.

The guest is given a bill for the services that are fulfilled, and the eventual praises or objections the guest enters into the book of impressions and reclamations or he informs proper Ministry through contact phone.

The stuff of the hotel is available to the guest for all his demands that are possible to fulfill. The current preservation of the object is done every day and in accordance to the valid Categorization Law and rules which are related to the category that the "Ambiente" hotel disposes of.

1 comment:

  1. Jebem ti Google Translations!

    Seriously, this is what happens when a "nashki" speaker comes face to face with definite articles and prepositions. Not pretty.



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